Top Tips to keep your PC running like new

At One C we believe in a proactive approach to your PC’s health. Instead of reacting to a fault, One C believe in taking the steps necessary to prevent the faults from happening. These could be simple things, like keeping drinks and food away from devices, not opening unexpected emails, or even cable management so as to prevent physical damage, slips or falls.

To keep you PC running as smooth as the day you bought it, we have compiled a list of top tips that we believe are a must when it comes to your PC health.

Monthly Clean up

Not enough people do this! This is one of those things that everyone says they will get to at some point. Once a month you should go over the files you have downloaded/created and clean up anything you don’t need anymore. Delete the unnecessary files, clear out your recycle bin and run a reputable cleanup utility that will clear up any background files.

Clear your cookies

To keep your web browsing experience as good as it can be, you should clear your browsing cookies and cache on a relatively often basis. We would advise you do this once a week, this will clear any data stored on your PC from websites.

Uninstall unused programs

This may be a given, however it isn’t done often enough by the majority of people. It’s a quick and easy way to free up space and clear up any clutter on our desktop. Not only this, but older software that has not been updated in a while can hold unpatched exploits that can give attackers a way into your system.

Keep your system updated

Keeping your device up to date is crucial for multiple reasons. Windows updates patch exploits, add security features and can increase performance. Software updates will keep your software exploit free, add features and keep your software working with updates to your operating system. There is no reasons anyone’s devices should be running outdated software versions.

Backup your PC regularly

However safe you are, or new your PC is, there always has to be a contingency plan for a major disaster. The best way to keep your data safe and secure is the tried and tested backup. No matter what happens to your device, you can be sure your data is safe on another storage medium ready to reinstall and transfer to where you need.

Clean the inside of your PC

Cleaning the inside of your PC is regularly overlooked. People will maintain their files and software but forget all about the hardware powering their device. PC’s that are used in high dust areas should be cleaned very regularly to maintain the inner components. Even if your PC is not kept in a high dust area, you should still clean the insides regularly with a air duster.

We hope these tips provided by One C will help to keep your device running in top shape for a long time to come. With these crucial steps you can maintain the internal and external workings of your PC.