Top tech to watch out for this Christmas part 2



DJI Phantom 4 starter bundle – £1,299

If you’ve found yourself looking at drones online, wondered what would be the best option for a hobbyist, or just want to start a new hobby then you can’t go wrong with the Phantom. The Phantom is in its 4th iteration which means better features, less problems and more  time and effort having been spent on your device. The Phantom 4 starter pack gives you everything you would need to get into flying drones as a hobby.

In the pack you receive:

  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro.
  • DJI Remote Control.
  • Intelligent Flight Battery.
  • Flight Battery Charger.
  • Lexar 16GB microSD Card.
  • USB OTG Cable.
  • Professional Video Equipment Backpack.
  • Foam Case
  • Landing gear stabiliser.
  • Transmitter Lanyard.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth.

You get plenty for your money with the starter pack with all the essentials and several extras to make sure you can get flying as soon as you get your new drone.

Anker Powercore

Anker powercore 10,000 portable charger – £25.99

A power bank is a must have for your electronic devices. However much battery your device starts with, it will always eventually run out and you will need to charge no matter where you are. The Anker powercore provides you with the ability to charge your electronic devices wherever you are, with no need to stop. This powercore comes with several features that will keep you up and running no matter what.  The Anker is capable of fast charging your mobiles with its fast charge capabilities and a max output of 18w. This means you can have your mobile charged within 4 hours. Although there are many cheap knock off power banks on the market, we explicitly recommend the Anker powercore as users ourselves. If you need some more convincing then you can certainly go by the 20+ million users of Anker charging products.

Apple Pencil

Apple pencil for iPad pro – around £100

The Apple pencil has a sleek and stylish finish with. Apple having put every care and effort into the design of their pencil. To charge the pen, all you have to do is attach it to the side of your iPad pro, this isn’t as difficult as it sounds as the pen is magnetic. The gestures from Apples other devices have made a sort of appearance with the pen. The pen allows you to change brush sizes at the tap of your finger, the taps can be customised according to how you would like to use the pen. The pen boasts virtually no lag from touch to response, pressure sensitivity to change thickness of lines and tilt for shading. Basically the Apple pencil works like a real pencil, seamlessly as if you were drawing on a piece of paper with an actual pencil.

Polaroid Pen

Polaroid 3D draw pen – £19.99

We have another pen on our list, but this time it draws in 3D. Yes, the Polaroid 3D pen allows you to draw in 3D, just like a 3D printer. This would be  a perfect stocking filler this Christmas for anyone in the family who likes arts and crafts. It adds a level of versatility you can’t get from other arts and crafts tools and brings you to the 21st century of arts and crafts.

Fire Stick

Fire TV stick 4k with Alexa voice remote – £39.99

The Fire TV stick provides users with over 10,000 apps and games and access to countless websites right from their TV’s. The remote comes with Alexa voice controls which allows you to control what you do on your Fire stick or TV with the power of your voice. The remote responds to familiar commands Alexa responds too, allowing you to fast-forward anything your watching, open any app on the Fire stick just by telling your TV to open the app and search restaurants or events you would like to go to, again, just by speaking to your remote. TV sticks have come along way since their inception, with Amazon’s Fire stick leading the way in innovation and features. We at One C highly recommend one of these as they can change your TV viewing experience entirely.