Introducing The One C Control Panel

OneC Control Panel

At One C We believe in providing our clients with additional value with their IT Services, this is why we have developed a control panel for our clients. Our control panel provides our clients with the ability to monitor the devices on their infrastructure, report faults to our experts and report on various metrics regarding their devices, network and security.


The One C Control Panel was developed with business clients in mind; users who would like to manage their IT infrastructure from remote locations, such as another office or home, users who would like easy to read charts, reporting functionality and easy to access support, all from one easy to access location from any web client.

The current feature set of the One C Control Panel has been developed in conjunction with existing clients to make sure it is fit for purpose and provides the additional value to clients that One C always aim to provide.

The current features of the One C control Panel are as follows:

  • Entirely Cloud Based
  • Reporting on various metrics
  • Fault reporting to our support system
  • Charts for easier reading of data
  • Remote Device management
  • Scalable to any client requirements

At present the One C Control Panel is in its very first iteration as a web service. The development team are hard at work developing new features and listening to guidance from clients on user experience, usability, functionality and additional feature requests to be added in future iterations of the control panel.

Some of the feature to look forward to in the updates to be released include:

  • Additional Charting capabilities   
  • Client Portal customisation
  • Device Portal customisation
  • Monitoring of advanced system metrics

Right now there is a special offer for all new clients. A purchase of any support package from one C will also grant the user 1 free license per device for the one C Control Panel.