Exciting new feature rolling out on Google Pixel devices

There’s a buzz around Google Pixel devices at the moment, and it’s for a very good reason. Google are rolling out their state of the art call screen transcripts for their Pixel flagship line of mobile phones. ‘Call Screen’ as it is being advertised, allows for a live transcripts of incoming calls to be shown and for Google Assistant to respond for you. All of this possible without you having to answer the phone yourself. When the feature first arrived it did so without a key function, the ability to save the transcripts.

Google promised roll-out by end of year

Although Call Screen came without this key functionality, Google did promise that it would be rolled out towards the end of 2018. Here we are, and Google has done just that, began rolling out Call Screen for their Pixel 3 line of mobiles. Users have reported seeing the feature meaning the roll-out has began and we should see Call Screen across all Pixel devices in the very near future.


To see if the feature is on your device, or to view transcripts you may have already saved is extremely simple. To start off, head to your recent call list. Select a call you would like to view, and tap on the call details option. Once on this screen you should see a transcript hyperlink, below the call details. This link will take you to a full transcript of your call with an option to rate how well the transcript came out, this will obviously provide Google with valuable data to help improve the system. We advise anyone using Call Screen to provide as much feedback as possible as to help improve the system and get the full capabilities out of it.

Check back with us to find out our hands on thoughts

This feature can be an invaluable tool in the arsenal on your phone and we can’t wait to see what additional features Google will implement, and just how good Call Screen will become. Be sure to check back to see our findings and any further developments by contacting us here.