Top Tips to keep your PC running like new

At One C we believe in a proactive approach to your PC’s health. Instead of reacting to a fault, One C believe in taking the steps necessary to prevent the faults from happening. These could be simple things, like keeping drinks and food away from devices, not opening unexpected emails, or even cable management so […]

Amazon AI scrapped after major flaw identified

Amazon is known as the largest online retailer in the world. In the UK alone they employ over 27,000 people, in permanent positions, with this number rising even more through the seasonal periods using the aid of temporary seasonal employees. Up until this year (2018), Amazon have used agencies to maintain these employee numbers, partnering […]


Microsoft Pulls October Update Due to Intel Driver Incompatibility

Microsoft has taken the unprecedented step of recalling the latest Windows 10 update for October 2018 (update 1809). This has come about due to a myriad of users complaining of a very serious issue with the update.

-“Users experienced Data loss”

Users have experienced an unusual issue where their personal files seem to have been deleted once the update has been installed.  As it stand Microsoft have pulled the update and blocked any further downloading so as to work on repairs prior to a full scale launch.

Although this is little consolation for the people already affected, Microsoft have reassured users that there is hope for lost files and to contact them directly for further advice and support. They have also advised people who have downloaded the update manually to not install the update as they could also be affected by the issue.

Windows update

The root cause of the data loss appears to come from an incompatibility with the Intel Audio Display device  driver on some systems. Customers who own the affected Intel drivers will be presented with a ‘What needs your attention’ warning message when attempting to install the update.

If you do see this message, Microsoft advise that you select the ‘Back’ option to insure you stay on your current version of Windows and are not affected by the data deletion bug. Microsoft have also pointed out that the affected Intel Drivers can be updated to remove the incompatibility issues with the update.   

-“Intel Driver updates fix issue”

Intel has provided the relevant driver updates in the form of driver, which is also bundled with Graphics Driver Intel have confirmed that the issue is with the drivers on systems with the 6th Generation Skylake and newer CPU’s. Intel have “Strongly recommended” users with these generation of CPU’s to update their drivers before attempting to update their Windows OS.

There is still little news on how such a catastrophic bug could have made its way passed the stringent testing practices at Microsoft. The 1809 roll-out was out of the ordinary for the tech giant, with it somehow managing to bypass their release Preview Ring and going straight to the general public.  This had left the update with less testing, with the most reasonable scenario, a 1803 to 1809, not being thoroughly tested enough prior to release.

OneC Control Panel

Introducing The One C Control Panel

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