Top tech to watch out for this Christmas part 2

  DJI Phantom 4 starter bundle – £1,299 If you’ve found yourself looking at drones online, wondered what would be the best option for a hobbyist, or just want to start a new hobby then you can’t go wrong with the Phantom. The Phantom is in its 4th iteration which means better features, less problems […]

5 Major IT Disasters faced by businesses

When we look over the recent past we can see the massive strides technology and software has taken. Alongside the success, there has also been some spectacular failures. There has been cyber attacks, service outages, ransomware attacks and data breaches, all of which has affected millions of customers. We will take a look at the […]

Facebook receives fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal

This week Facebook received a £500,000 fine over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. When taking into consideration the scale of data breach this might seem like a slap on the wrist, however, under the old GDPR laws, this is the maximum possible fine that could be imposed. The information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) stated that Facebook had […]