One C

We at One C are comprised of a small tight-knit unit who endeavor to provide the best, most affordable B2B support on the market. We started with a vision of providing viable IT support for business owners. Business owners who would otherwise be unable to afford such a necessity. Our understanding was that not all businesses can afford huge monthly contracts that they are tied down to for large amounts of time. We came up with a solution that allowed any size business to obtain the same level of IT Support as companies with much larger pockets, our £20 per device monthly support plan.

What We Realised

One key realisations that hit us was how much customers appreciated the way we dealt with them and how much more value we could provide to our customers. On a constant basis clients would ask if we provided Office, an Anti-Virus, Website and Software Development. This led us to source and create the most affordable IT solutions for our customers. We have tailored our IT Solutions to provide the most value for the price you pay while still offering you top tier IT Solutions.

Where We Are

We have come a long way since we started delivering IT Support peace of mind to clients. Now we offer a much wider range of products from our original £20 IT Support Plan. Here are some of the exciting range of products we have started delivering to clients over the past year: 

  • Bespoke Software Development  
  • Off Site Backup Solutions
  • Office 365 Business
  • ESET Anti virus Solutions

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